Friday, November 09, 2007

what works for our family

A common refrain that DH & I use is "it works best for our family." Stress on the word "our". It's something that comes up when our choices are questioned, or we're feeling put down, or comparing ourselves to others. Sometimes it's me reminding him, and other times it's him reminding me. I think the best times are when we look at each other and both feel confident and grateful for the choices we've made.

We do our best to make choices and decisions that will work for OUR family. We realize they may not be the best choices for other families to make, and we try not to be judgmental -- and hope to avoid judgment by others.

I admit, though, that I often hope that I am a good example, and that my choices are inspirational to others. Inspirational may be a rather lofty goal, but on days when I'm feeling down and it seems another way would be easier . . . it gives me a push to go on making those choices for our family.

It's not easy to be open to life, or for me to stay at home, or homeschool, or breastfeed, or a myriad of other choices we've made. I believe, wholeheartedly, though that they are the best choices for OUR family.

I try my best not to judge others, and be cheerful and open when questioned about our choices.
Sometimes I fail, but yet I continue to try.

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