Tuesday, November 20, 2007

dangers of kids reading . . . LOL

We sent back a couple movies to N*tflix recently, and when I went to check our queue to see what would be arriving soon, I found that the first 15 or so movies were things like "Looney Tunes, Vol 5" and "The Pink Panther" and "Tom and Jerry." I called out "Hey! Who messed with my queue?" DH responds "Not me!" I start listing the movies and C says "Oh, that was me!"

I asked him "How did you get into the queue?" and he replied that he typed in "n*tflix.com and got there. "How did you get them to the top?" "I read the information. The box said 'Move to top' so I clicked that button." Turns out he added about 50 movies to the queue overall.

I started laughing and also looking into setting up a separate profile for kids' movies. Unfortunately, you can't copy movies between queues, so he'll have to start from scratch. A good afternoon project for him, I think!

This is also the kid who explained to his grandfather about going to "The Google" to find Underdog videos on Y*uT*be. LOL!

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