Saturday, November 17, 2007

mommy guilt

C's allergies have been bothering him for a couple months or so. He was scheduled for a well-child visit last week, so I thought I'd talk to the doctor at that time. His well-visit appointment was rescheduled for December (his ped is pregnant and couldn't work full days any longer), but I decided he needed to be seen as his allergies were really bothering him.

Turns out that while he may have allergies, the major issue is that his asthma is flaring up. Since he wasn't wheezing, I didn't even consider that his asthma might be bothering him! I feel horrid that I didn't consider asthma. I was smug in thinking he had outgrown it, since it didn't seem that he had any problems in over a year!

I filled his prescriptions today, so we're on our way to getting it back under control. I feel guilt that I didn't realize and he's been suffering needlessly for months (at least!) DH doesn't think I should feel guilty about it, but I do :(


  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Don't feel so bad about this. I know that we mummy's think we should know everything about our children, but we are not superhumans with extra sensory perception!

    You've done the best thing possible, taken C to the docs and got it sorted. That's what Mummy's who are concerned about their children, do. And you have done it :-)

    Now, with meds, hopefully C's health will improve!


  2. Thanks, Deb :) DH agrees with you, but I still feel like I should have ESP when it comes to my loves ones. He'll be okay . . . and feeling so much better than he has when we get it under control again!


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