Friday, November 16, 2007

mashed potatoes

How do you make your mashed potatoes? I've always added cold milk and butter to cooked potatoes and mashed them together with salt, pepper and some paprika.

C received a new cookbook for his birthday (Kids Cook 1-2-3) and their recipe for mashed potatoes called for heating up the milk before adding to the cooked potatoes. I gave it a try, and I think it made them taste better! I love mashed potatoes, as do my kids. I didn't tell anyone about the change, and N said "These are the BEST mashed potatoes you ever made!" so I don't think it was just my imagination. I don't know why the heated milk made them better, but I'll be doing that from now on.

C can't wait to try their recipe for popcorn. We've always made microwave popcorn, but they have a recipe in there for stovetop popcorn. I agreed to buy some kernels and give it a shot. We have a large pot with a clear lid that'll be fun to watch the kernels through.

The cookbook isn't a typical kid's cookbook since it doesn't have any photographs and the recipes are a bit advanced (even though each only calls for 3 ingredients.) I like it, though, and look forward to making more recipes from it with him.

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