Thursday, November 08, 2007

L's first tea party

The tea party yesterday was a great success. L was an angel -- even falling asleep for about 20 minutes during the middle of it. My mom bought her a sweet tiara with pink feathery fringe as a remembrance of the day. I do hope we make it an annual tradition, as I think it'd be a wonderful memory for L as she grows up.

It's definitely NOT someplace I'd like to go with the boys, however -- way too many breakables, since it is also a shop and the eating tables are scattered throughout all the merchandise. In fact, it'll be tricky with L during her toddler years, but keeping track of one is much easier than keeping track of 3.

C was feeling under the weather last night. I'm hoping he was just exhausted (he's had VERY late bedtimes this week), on top of allergies. He was asleep by 8PM last night, and is still sleeping now (after 9AM.) Today will be a laid back day, since my parents & sister are on an 8 hour jeep tour. We'll probably do some light schooling, but I'm going to give him plenty of opportunity to rest since tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday are all busy days.

I have a rare moment of silence right now that I'm savoring. All the kids are sleeping and DH is out of town. Whoops!! There's my middle boy walking into the kitchen! Time to start my day officially.

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  1. That sounds just lovely! What a great tradition to start - that is something your daughter will always cherish! Maybe I should start that too!

    I hope C is feeling better soon! Bless his heart!


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