Friday, September 23, 2005

leaving . . .

We're leaving tomorrow morning, after C's t-ball game!

We're going to try & visit an aquarium near the hotel Sunday morning before heading over to the ship, and then we're staying the Sunday night we get back and will visit the Nat'l History Museum on Monday before heading back to AZ.

We're taking 5 suitcases, plus backpacks for all, plus a camera bag. It seems outrageous, but I don't know what to cut . . . multiple outfits necessary for each day made it hard to pack.

Here's to napping and relaxing . . .

Monday, September 19, 2005


We went to a baseball game yesterday to watch the Diamondbacks play . . . ummm . . . I have no idea who they played. Our seats included an aisle seat so I was happy. I filled my purse with snacks (literally! I had a big bag of peanuts, mini bags of animal crackers, fruit snacks, chex mix, reeses pieces, and graham crackers), we took bottles of water and then we bought cotton candy & nachos! We sign up for the designated driver program so we can get a free soda. OH, and it was kids' t-shirt day, so both boys got a Gonzalest t-shirt! Way too big for them, but they'll make great nightshirts.

The boys enjoyed themselves - everyone lasted until the beginning of the 8th, which I thought was pretty good! I wrote a bunch of notes about what we need to pack for the trip. The boys got to see someone hit a home run (always exciting!). B got to talk to the guy sitting next to him about details of the game.

With all they ate the game, they had yogurt and cinnamon sugar toast for dinner.

Nate has been having a hard time falling asleep recently. Not sure what's up with him, but he definitely NEEDS the sleep. He stopped napping almost a year ago, but I wonder if I need to start having him lie down in bed for 20 minutes each afternoon so he can nap if he needs to. We do have quiet time, but I let them play or read quietly in bed during that time.

We leave on Saturday!! Whooo Hoooo!! I can't wait!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

7 Days . . .

Next Saturday morning, we leave for California!! On Sunday, we'll board the ship. I am so excited and just can't wait. It'll be the longest DH & I have spent together in years . . . how sad is that?

I had a mini-meltdown this week over the class I'm taking online. I'm too tired/distracted to do my work after the kids go to bed (8:30/9PM) and I don't have any other time when they're not needing something. Unfortunately, I don't do well with constant interruption when I'm trying to work. I really need a good chunk of uninterrupted time to focus and create decent work. With B never being available, it just doesn't happen. My sister took the day off work today, though, and took the boys for a good 4 hours. I got 2 assignments done and turned in and am good until after our cruise!! I still have research and work to do this coming week, but no deadline breathing down my neck until October.

OH! We picked up our cruise documents this week and found out we have an extended balcony off our room!! That will be so nice! B & I will have someplace to sit & not have to be stuck "in" the room after the boys go to sleep at night. I can't believe our luck!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

What cross are you?

You are St Brigid's Cross: St. Brigid is an Irish
saint who hand-wove a cross,out of rushes she
found by the river. She made the cross while
explaining the passion of our Lord to a pagan

What Kind of Cross are You?
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What Saint Are You?

You are Joan of Arc! You don't really want to hurt
anyone, but if they attack your friends or your
country and no-one else will stand up to fight
them, you head into the battle. Beware though,
conviction tends to get you killed.

Which Saint Are You?
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Friday, September 02, 2005


I have a recurrent dream where I fall asleep / fight to stay awake while driving. Sometimes the boys are with me, sometimes I'm alone. Almost always there are car crashes happening in front of me that I manage to avoid, even though I can barely keep my eyes open, or am driving with my eyes closed.

I had another one today - took a nap with the boys (rare these days) - and dreamt there were multiple car crashes that I successfully avoided - all while weaving on the road and fighting to stay awake.

I'm sure it means something, just don't know what. I have had other recurrent dreams in the past - but never really delved into meanings. I've had this dream for probably 5 years or so. I shouldn't be so exhausted these days, but maybe I am?
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