Thursday, March 29, 2007

more info & feeling overwhelmed

Things fell into place yesterday and I was able to slide into a gestational diabetes class in the afternoon. And promptly became even more overwhelmed.

I received a monitor and found out that I need to test myself 4 times a day -- upon rising, and then one hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. That part isn't so bad -- the monitor is small and fits into my purse with no problem, so I was able to carry it with me and test in the car today after lunch.

I was given the meal plan and already feel like I'm struggling. I was in tears last night over what to eat for dinner (my first meal after receiving the plan) and again this morning when trying to eat breakfast. It is high protein / low carb and I'm a carb girl. I am not to eat any fruit in the morning hours. And I usually eat fruit for breakfast. I have to eat 3 snacks in addition to regular meals, and every time I eat I have to eat protein. It hasn't even been one full day and I'm already sick of protein. I can eat absolutely no sugar. No foods with added sugar at all. No honey either. And I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners.

I've followed the plan to a "T" and every reading I've taken has been higher than it should be -- including my morning / fasting reading. I see my doctor on Monday, and then follow up with the nutritionist the next Monday. I've read that if your readings are high for 2+ days, they consider putting you on insulin.

Deb - you asked if this was life-long and the quick answer is that it shouldn't be. Once I deliver, the gestational diabetes should go away. Unfortunately, the latest statistics for women in the US show that if you have gestational diabetes during a pregnancy, you have a 1 in 2 chance of developing Type II diabetes within 10 years. They'll test my blood sugar during delivery and then again 6-8 weeks after delivery and then annually.

I am giving up the plans I had for this birth -- my dreamed of non-interventionist, medicine-free birth is probably impossible - especially if I end up on insulin. I have to stop running scenarios through my head until I talk to my doctor and see what she thinks.

Other than choking down protein, I see my biggest problem is needing to snack while out of the house. I don't know what protein I can carry easily with me? Peanut butter is a possibility, I suppose -- I should pack a serving into small Tupperware and see how that goes and maybe carry pretzels and peanut butter when necessary.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just in case

Just in case you were wondering -- things were resolved with my doctor's office today. I'll be going on Friday for counseling for gestational diabetes and getting a monitor and whatever info they have for me. I have to figure out childcare for C&N, but I'm working on that. I also got the exact results and feel better as they weren't that high. 2 of the test results were over the threshold, but not by much -- so I feel a bit safer.

DH has another busy week ahead. I'd like to ask him to take off Friday afternoon to watch the boys, but we really can't afford it and I need him to take off next Saturday morning for the annual Easter Egg Hunt that we always attend.

More organizing done today! I went through the leftover baskets and put things in their place and filled another garbage bag. I also started moving our CD's out of their plastic cases and into an album. I filled 2 1/2 garbage bags with jewel cases and an album that holds 208 CD's! I need to get another album to finish the project. I love how compact our CD collection is now, though!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I got a call from my doctor's office today telling me that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes from my 3 hour test last week. The medical assistant who called me, however, was completely useless. She tells me about the diagnosis, then tells me I'll need to attend classes at a hospital in a nearby city. When I ask for details, she admits to having NONE -- no clue how many, when they are, how long they last, etc.

Then, she tells me I need to call my insurance company to find out what supplies they'll cover. And I need to do it right away because we need to get me started on monitoring.

So I call my insurance company and the very nice rep asks what my diagnosis code is. I have no clue? She can't give me any specific info without that code, or what supplies they want me to use. She said that usually the office calls to check that out, and I told her that I thought so, too - but I was asked to call. I called and had to leave a message to let the MA know that I needed more information, or I needed her to call the insurance company herself.

And, then I waited. And waited. All day. Leaving 2 more messages and NEVER receiving a call back. Great -- call me up, tell me it's urgent we begin to handle it, and then freaking ignore me the rest of the day! I'm already 33 weeks along -- they didn't have me even do the one hour test until 30 weeks, and then waited 2 weeks to tell me I flunked that test. (Usually the one hour test is done between 26 and 28 weeks, but I'm not sure why mine was so late.) I could give birth before getting the necessary information! (N was born at 36 weeks.)

Oh, and it took me 2 minutes to find the information on the hospital's website about GD classes/counseling. They had a PDF of the form the doctors are supposed to fax over for the referral and it had much of the information I had asked for. If she would have just taken a moment to LOOK, she could have been much more helpful!

I'm wondering if gestational diabetes could be why I have felt so horrible during this pregnancy. I kept thinking (and being told) "well, you are older!" There's no way to go backwards, but I'd like to get this addressed immediately to see if I can feel better these last few weeks. I will call again first thing in the morning, and ask to speak to the doctor instead of the moron who called me today.

BUT, good news for the day is that I cleaned out the boys' bedroom and made more progress on the hallway. I have 2 baskets of items that need to be put away in the playroom that came out of their bedroom/our living room/my bedroom. We did clean out their treasure drawers as well! I still need to sort/purge clothing, but I need to get a couple bins to put away winter clothing for next season before I do that. Their bedroom is "company-ready" though, which is very nice! Now, to keep those rooms neat will be the challenge for us all!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


How many posts do I have on my blog about cleaning? Hmmm, I probably don't want to know!

I know I've mentioned that I really wanted to get the playroom cleaned out. Initially, I wanted it done before my parents' visit in February. Didn't happen! I've been telling DH that I needed his help and set a deadline of the weekend he came back from his cruise. Didn't happen!

BUT, finally, today -- we made significant progress! Yea!! The 4 of us worked hard for 4+ hours emptying the room, sorting the toys, filling garbage bags, and putting things back. We haven't touched the closet, but I'm at peace with that for now. There are still some things I want to move out (either storage for the baby when she's older, or donation), but the room is definitely company-ready again. DH worked 12-15 hour days all week, and picked up 2 side jobs for tomorrow (he has Sunday & Monday off from his regular job), so this was his only day off and I worked him hard. LOL! I really needed him to lift and move the bigger stuff, though, so I'm glad it worked out and we got so much done.

Tomorrow, the boys and I will tackle their bedroom. We'll be moving toys out of there, and to where they belong in the playroom; sorting out of season / too small clothing; and cleaning out their "treasure" drawers. It shouldn't take nearly as long as the playroom did, and I will be thrilled when it's done.

Our hallway cubby area still needs some work, but a lot got taken care of today with the playroom organization. My plan (and hope) is that we get that side of the house finished this week. I've given up the thought of cleaning out the garage before the baby arrives. I do plan to purge/clean/organize the office before she arrives. I'd like to purge/organize the playroom closet as well, but that will come after the office. We'd also like to rearrange our bedroom before she comes home. I really want to paint (well, I want DH to paint), but that is looking less possible each weekend.

Plans for this week:

  • Monday: schooling (continue unit on symphony, math, reading, spelling, copywork); clean boys' bedroom and do some finishing touches in playroom; laundry
  • Tuesday: schooling (above plus nature journal); finish hallway purge/clean; figure out where to store baby's clothes and cloth diapers; library visit
  • Wednesday: C goes to enrichment program; work on project of placing all our CD's into albums and getting rid of jewel cases; laundry
  • Thursday: field trip to museum; if I have a place for baby clothes/diapers, start that laundry
  • Friday: schooling (above plus art project); C may have a couple friends over for a playdate in the afternoon
  • Saturday: OPEN; regular house cleaning
  • Sunday: my mother's blessing, which I am looking forward to and can't wait to post about!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

navel gazing

I'm taking navel gazing to a new level these days. I find myself spending quite a bit of time just staring down at the bumps and valleys appearing in my belly as our little babe swims and pokes and prods her way through the day.

Not an unpleasant way to spend time at all ;) I like to know she's safe in there, and I put my worries aside while I watch her antics.

(Yes, that's my 32w, 1d belly as taken this morning.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the hospital tour

I realized last night just how far I've come in the last 6 1/2 years after attending the hospital tour. Because of moving and insurance, each of my kids will be delivered at a different hospital. I remembered back to our first hospital visit, and thinking one of the women on the tour was crazy because she was talking about visiting different hospitals before deciding which one to go with. I think she was having her 3rd or 4th child. At the time, I thought "A hospital is a hospital -- who cares?"

After last night, I totally understand her now! Unfortunately, because of doctor privileges, insurance issues, and my desire for another VBAC -- I can't choose a different hospital. I would like to, however. So many things that were said during the tour bothered me. DH doesn't quite understand what my problem is -- he kept saying "Well, you had that the last 2 times.", but the point is that I know better this time -- and I want better for my experience this time!

When the tour nurse started talking about getting hooked up to an IV almost immediately, and started pulling out all the different monitors, etc., I flashed back to C's birth and began wondering how much of that intervention caused his emergency c-section. She asked about epidurals, and when the young girls all said they'd be having one, she said that she thought anyone who wouldn't get one was crazy. Later on, I did mention my hope to avoid an epidural, and wasn't the IV necessary only with an epidural? She replied that my doctor "liked to tell her patients that . . . " which I thought was extremely rude. She followed it up with "If you insist on not having an IV, we really encourage a hep lock." I could just envision all the intervention that most of the births at this hospital must entail.

And, then I heard that the other 3 women on the tour were all planning on inductions by 38 weeks at the latest. No reason other than "convenience" and that was the way their doctor did things. They were all pleased as punch.

The nurse did confirm that there was currently only one other doctor with privileges at their hospital who would allow his patients to VBAC, and that was usually only if they were his patient for their c-section. So, I am grateful that my doctor will allow me to attempt a VBAC, even though it means she is required to be at the hospital throughout my labor and delivery. She said it was law at first, but then changed the word to "standards." Because it is NOT a law, but a requirement of so many hospitals and insurance companies these days. A ridiculous requirement if you ask me, but what do doctors care, since they earn so much more on a c-section vs. a vaginal delivery? C's delivery was over $35K. N's delivery was just under $7K. Even with N's subsequent stay in the NICU the total cost of delivery and his hospital stay didn't reach $15K.

OH, and at one point the nurse (with 32 years experience!) said that the reason food was not allowed during labor was because the digestive system shut down. UGH. The digestive system does not shut down. They want your stomach empty in case you need emergency surgery. DH says it was probably just easier for her to explain it that way - but why lie?

I'm glad we did the hospital tour when we did, so I have plenty of time to process the experience before I go into labor. I am actually grateful that my doctor has to be there the entire time, because I know she is NOT an interventionist-type and she can help keep the nurses from driving me crazy. I want a healthy baby at the end of this trip, and will do what I need to do to make it happen.

Oh, and say a prayer that my 3 hour glucose test results come back normal. I am off tomorrow to take that test.

Monday, March 19, 2007

32 week dr appt

Yea!! My blood pressure was back to my usual, normal blood pressure this week. My doctor wasn't too concerned about failing the one hour glucose test - especially since I did the same with C & N, but then passed the 3 hour. While the baby was measuring a little big, she wasn't measuring overly big in her abdomen (which is one of the results of untreated gestational diabetes for babies.) I lost a pound from the last appointment, but as long as I am eating healthy, the doctor isn't concerned. I am beginning to think I may go into labor weighing the same as I did before getting pregnant at this point. I would need to gain 6 lbs to get there.

Other than that, everything appears to be fine. My complaints (aching pelvis, feeling tired, out of breath, having little patience) are all normal pregnancy symptoms. I have no worrying symptoms. Everything is progressing normally. I go back in 2 weeks.

Tonight DH & I take a tour of the hospital.

The boys and I started on their bedroom when we got home from the doctor. I made a deal that if they did made their beds, arranged their animals and brought me one load of their laundry, they could then take a break to watch an episode of "Super Mario Bros.", which is what they're doing right now. I need to go through their clothes and weed out the things that don't fit / are now out of season. I also want to go through the drawers under their beds, as they seem to have become quite the catch-all spots for them. I'm not going to push myself, though. I've decided that we should have no problem finishing up their room between today and tomorrow -- and we'll start on the playroom Thursday. My plan will be to finish the playroom by Sunday night. (yes, it's probably that bad!) I'm satisfied as long as we're making progress.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

We had our 4th concert for the Family Series with the Phoenix Symphony today. B had 4 calls, so I asked my sister to come along with us. It was a wonderful concert! Full of Irish music and a delightful all-female Irish folk music band named "Cherish the Ladies." They were fantastic and it was a wonderful way to spend St. Patrick's Day! I picked up a couple of their CD's, but didn't wait for any autographs. Their leader, Joanie Madden, was a hoot! She bantered back and forth with the guest conductor and had the audience in stitches.

We stopped at Pei Wei's for dinner and came home to find DH already home. It turns out that 3 of his 4 calls for today canceled! I sent the boys in with him and my sister and I made a run to Cost Plus World Market so I could get fillings for Easter baskets. I feel better knowing that we're set just in case the baby shows up very early! I found some fun small toys, as well as cute candies to put in their baskets this year.

Tomorrow I'll make our traditional St. Pat's dinner of corned beef, potatoes, carrots and soda bread (no raisins or caraway in mine -- I do traditional soda bread!)

And, to end the post, here's a shot of my 31 week, 3 day belly . . . . (that's measuring more like 34 weeks . . . )

Friday, March 16, 2007


I got a call this afternoon that I failed my one hour glucose test. I asked if we could just assume I had gestational diabetes, and skip the 3 hour test - but the nurse said no. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday anyway, so I'm going to ask the doctor.

I took that test 2 weeks ago and they just got the results? Which means I'm looking at 2+ more weeks before the results of a 3 hour test . . . and then I'll be 34 weeks and likely giving birth 2-4 weeks after that. What good will it do to make changes at 35 weeks (probably where I'd be before I had the necessary stuff to test, etc.) Why not just do it now? I failed the one hour with both C & N, but passed the 3 hour. BUT, I weigh quite a bit more now, plus I'm older, plus I have family history on both sides . . . so chances are probably good that I have developed GD. And, of course, I just listened to a podcast earlier this week about the dangers of GD to the baby and of course I'm now worried.

Add to that my high blood pressure . . . (which has stayed high. Still not high-high, but over the borderline of high). I have tested myself at Target and Walgreens when we've been close.

And my stress over the state of the playroom. And my walls that need painting. And finances. Oh, please, don't let me think another thought about freaking finances or my DH who wants to buy another vehicle (he has very good reasons, but I don't want to add another bill -- even though it may actually decrease the amount of money flying out of our account each month. I know, that probably doesn't make any sense . . . but he's looking for a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. He currently spends almost $400 / month for gasoline and gas prices just keep going up.)

I'm very emotional today. I burst into tears at lunch and upset everyone at the table (DH & boys.) I know a big part of it is hormones, but I'm so tired of feeling so lousy!!!!!

Ummm, this pregnancy has just been a big whine fest, hasn't it? Thank goodness we're in the home stretch.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini. BUT, we keep the hot tub temperature low enough that it's safe for me to sit in, and my one piece suits were squishing my belly and making me very uncomfortable. I looked for an inexpensive maternity suit, but even on ebay they were going for over $40 . . . so instead I bought a bikini for $12. Don't worry, I won't scar your eyes with any pictures, but OH, is it comfy!

I wore it today for the first time and it worked out perfectly. DH did take some pictures of my 31 week belly in the bikini, but those aren't to be shared -- mainly because I look like a beached whale. LOL! I wouldn't wear it anywhere but my own backyard, in front of my immediate family -- but I am glad to have the suit.

Our temps have started to heat up around here and the boys even braved the pool today. I think the water was somewhere around 70 degrees, which is too cold for me, but they paddled around for 20 minutes or so before warming up in the hot tub. I imagine I'll be able to start swimming in a month or so. I need to start looking for a water sling as I imagine we'll be spending an awful lot of time at our pool this summer!

Monday, March 12, 2007

good news

There she is! I'm thinking that this is the last picture we'll have of her until she's born.

Yes, the baby is still a girl (both boys were concerned that the tech may have been wrong last time.) My placenta moved up nice & high, so that is no longer a concern (which I knew was a pretty good possibility, but I didn't realize how worried I was until I felt the relief when I heard it was well out of the way.)

She is measuring a bit big -- I'm 30w5d today, and a couple of her measurements put her at 35w. When taking all the measurements into account, she's measuring about 33w. No reason for concern, and I'm thinking that may be normal for me. I have no idea about the dates with Colin -- chances are he might have been born at 37 weeks instead of 40 since we based his due date on an ultrasound done in what turned out to be my 3rd trimester.

It's definitely the home stretch! DH wants to get the carpets cleaned before we rearrange the bedroom furniture, and I've told him we need to do it in the next couple weeks! My mother's blessing is scheduled for April 1, which is quickly approaching. I was finally high bidder on some newborn-size cloth diaper covers on ebay, so I don't have that to worry about anymore. I need to sit down and make a good TO-DO list tonight, prioritize it, and then get it done!

There are a few things I definitely want to happen before her birth; but thankfully I really don't "need" anything -- we have some clothes, diapers, and my breasts. What else do we "need"?

Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm finally back in a groove for homeschooling. We've had a few weeks now of wonderful progress and it feels great. Nate is currently balking at doing any copywork, but I know he'll come around as long as I continue being gentle with him. A few months ago, he balked at doing ANYTHING except art, but now he's eager to work in his math workbook when given the opportunity.

Yesterday I began tackling our master bedroom closet. Over the last few years, it has become a catch-all for so many things! I got through maybe 1/3 of it, and filled 4 garbage bags with stuff that needed to be thrown out. I realized that some of it I could have possibly sold via ebay, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. It felt better to just rid my house of it, instead of going through the hassle of making a couple dollars (literally, I'm sure it wouldn't have been worth more than a couple dollars in the end.) And, none of this was clothes - it was just stuff! The closet had become a place where I stored items purchased that were on sale and "could" be gifts, extra cleaning products, a million travel size toiletry items, books, etc. It felt good to get that started at least.

Thankfully, last night was garbage night, because I tackled more of the closet today and filled up another 3 bags, plus 2 boxes. I realized that I could have taken the time to freecycle some of the items, and did feel a bit guilty about throwing them out . . . but it was important to me to get it OUT of my house and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of people coming to the house. I would say the closet is now 2/3 finished. When we get to DH's clothes, I WILL freecycle those castaways, however.

Next I want to tackle the hallway cubby which is overflowing and blocking my access to the homeschooling cabinets.

One way or another, this house WILL be de-cluttered before the baby makes her entrance. I'd like to have it mostly done before my mom comes back for my mother's blessing at the beginning of April (but I don't know if I'll succeed.)

Monday, March 05, 2007

30 week dr appt

I went to my 30 week doctor's appointment today - for some reason it's been over 6 weeks since I last went. Their power was out, so I had to drink my glucose, have a vitals check, then hightail it across town to have my blood drawn.

My blood pressure was high - not super high, just barely high - but high all the same. I need to restrict my activities, she said. I laughed and told her I must have known because my activities have been restricted most of this pregnancy!

I have an ultrasound on Monday to check the location of of my placenta, and I see the doc again in 2 weeks. I'm sure I'll hear from sooner if I failed my one hour glucose test.

Friday, March 02, 2007

conversation from earlier

N: I'm going to throw something

C: Like what? A hissy fit?

N: Yes. That's it!

kid stuff

With much seriousness, N asked last night as we were getting ready for bed "What if Lydia only speaks Spanish? How will we EVER know what she is saying?"

It obviously was a big concern of his, so I was glad that he brought it up. I explained that babies learn the language that are spoken around them, so when she started to speak, she would speak English as we do.

Today C was working on a spelling page that was about the short vowel "a". The last exercise on the page had a box for them to draw something that they were thankful for, and the idea was they were to pull one of the words from the page and illustrate it. Instead, he chose to draw and write "Lydia" and told me "That's okay - since Lydia has a short "a"! Good thinking, C!

Um, I guess the cat is out of the bag with this post as to what we are naming the babe. I'm sure I'll switch over to "L" as time goes by. Her middle name is still up in the air, but leaning strongly towards Jane after my sister. Also considering Rose bc that is my middle name.
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