Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

When I learned that DH had late calls today, I said "Great! That means you can make mass with us this morning!" The church was pretty full, but we were the youngest ones there by about 30 years. I had hoped we might see some other homeschooling families, but I'm guessing they got up earlier and made it to the 8AM mass. We'd attend more daily masses if they'd have a regular 10AM mass instead of 8AM, but I guess it's easier for the priests to have it at 8AM. Unfortunately, being up and out of the house before 8AM doesn't happen very often around here.

As a child attending Catholic school we always had All Saints day off of school, and I remember thinking it was so cool to have the day after Halloween off every year!

After church, we went looking for golf clubs for the boys, but we had no interest in paying $100/set. I'll start checking craigslist and 2nd hand stores if it seems they might enjoy playing. They started lessons this week, and are currently borrowing clubs. I'd like to wait until they finish this set of lessons and then decide -- but I think know DH would like them to have their own set sooner.

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