Monday, June 09, 2003

sweet children of mine

My one year old's kisses smell of chocolate. I don't know why or how, but when he comes at me for a kiss with his open mouth, I swear he smells of chocolate.

I told my 2 year old I had a headache. He gets this concerned look on his face and comes over to me to put his hand on my forehead. "Oh, Mommy, do you need a cool cloth?"

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Must be doing something right
I have to say that my boys are generally happy kids -- so I must be doing something right, right??? Not that they don't have their moments of tears, cries, whines, and temper tantrums -- but for the most part -- they are very happy, smiley, giggly kids. And I love that about them. They are ready to share their smiles with the world -- and do so on a regular basis. I'm lucky.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I change my kids' clothes a dozen times a day. I don't know why I don't let just let them run around 1/2 naked . . . I mean, does anybody really care?? N is at that age where he has so much fun feeding himself -- but every meal means that he is covered from head to toe, plus the high chair, and the floor all around him. So, after every meal, I'm changing his outfit.

Unfortunately, C would never go for it. He must always be wearing pants/shorts -- and don't even TRY to put a sleeveless top on him.

I have this insane thought that people will see us out and think "Oh, look, she looks a wreck, but at least she makes sure her kids look cute & their clothes match." Often, DH will dress them and I will re-dress them before we go out because he'll do things like put a pj top on with shorts, or choose a top/shorts that just don't match.

Monday, June 02, 2003

We visited some friends yesterday -- for the last time in a long time, likely. They are leaving for San Antonio so he can pursue a PhD program and he will likely be stationed anyplace but here when he finishes. I am so sad they are leaving -- B has been friends with him & his brother since high school and since G&G arrived in Phoenix 3 years ago, we have depended on them. They have been wonderful friends to us, and so wonderful to and for our boys. I know C will miss them, as they are 2 of his favorite people.

This is one of those times when it is sooo hard to be far from our family & friends we've had for years. I do love Arizona -- but we really haven't made many friends out here and I can see how wonderful it is for our boys to have people in their lives (other than us). It's not that we haven't made attempts -- we have!! -- but not many have really clicked. I made some friends while working, but all (except one) have drifted away since I made the decision to stay home. DH has made some "work" friends, but none that have made it over to the personal side of his life. It's selfish, I know, but we are going to really really miss G&G.
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