Sunday, November 11, 2007

reluctant napper

L has been a reluctant napper. I have struggled to find the right way to get her to nap. For a short while, the swing was the answer -- but then she learned to flip herself out of it, so we had to put it in the garage.

I'm almost afraid to write this out, but I think we've turned a corner. I finally found a pacifier that she is willing to take when she is asleep and would like to suckle on my nipple while sleeping. For a week or so now, I've been able to successfully transfer myself out of her mouth and the pacifier in -- and she's stayed asleep!

The next problem was moving her from my arms. I've learned to make a tight nest of pillows in the middle of my bed to lay her in. Then I cover her with a blanket. Put my hands on her belly. Breathe deeply. Slowly move away from the bed.

About 5 minutes later, she flips onto her belly. And I panic that she can't breathe, but I also don't want to lose the napping time. DH reminds me that her mother is also a belly sleeper, and also that she has no problem flipping from belly to back, so I relax a bit.

She sleeps. For at least an hour, sometimes more. It's more than I've ever gotten before so I'm grateful.

Hopefully this will last for at least a month before a new routine has to be found!

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