About Me

I'm passionate about being a mom and making the right choices for our family -- whether that's ensuring we have plenty of play time, spending time in the great outdoors, caring for our environment, or encouraging a lifelong love of learning.

I'm a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a Catholic, a former homeschooler, a freelance writer, a corporate trainer, a gamer and more! I share a home with my husband and our three adorable children -- 2 boys (ages 10 & 12) and a girl (age 5).

I started this blog in 2003 to share the rhythm of our days, but also write about things we do, every once in a while about how I feel, and products we try.

I'm PR friendly, and love to see new products and try new services! I enjoy writing reviews, and am open to PR contacts that want to share information about new products and services.

We fully embrace technology and regularly use our iPad, iPhones, iPod Touches, Kindles, Nook, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii and XBox 360 -- as well as multiple PC and MAC computers. I like to be as environmentally-friendly in our choices as possible. I am thrilled that I live in a house full of voracious readers. And, we love to travel. Please feel free to contact me directly with any opportunities.

My sister has multiple, severe food allergies so I am also open to products that will help make her life easier.  We try various products and recipes when we find them, but we are always looking for more!  She has had food allergies (and environmental and other allergies) since she was a child, but in 2010 she discovered severe dairy and soy allergies which makes eating that much more complicated.

I've appeared on television numerous times, sharing products and information on our local ABC and FOX affiliates. People always ask if I'm nervous, but I think standing up in front of a class on a regular basis prepared me well.

I'm complex (who isn't?)

I struggle to be the best that I can be (who doesn't?)

And, I share some parts of my life on the Internet.

Questions? Ask away!

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