Saturday, November 03, 2007

weird doc questions

When I took L in for her 6 month checkup this week, the pediatrician asked me "So, is she starting to respond to tone in your voice? Like if you tell her 'no', she gets a little pouty face?"

I looked at her blankly. Why in the world would you have to say "no" to a 6 month old baby? What could she possibly do that I need to correct her for? She sleeps, eats and babbles. She's barely mobile (although she did manage to crawl out of her co-sleeper this morning onto our bed.)

I said "Ummm, no -- but she definitely lights up when she hears her dad or her brothers come into a room. Is that what you're looking for?" She marked something down in the chart, and we moved on.

Overall, I like our ped. But I thought that was a really weird question to pose about an infant.

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