Monday, November 12, 2007

me & my kids

We enjoyed a lovely day at the botanical gardens yesterday. DH snapped this shot of me & the kids. I don't look 40, do I? (Although, I guess since I AM 40, I do look 40 . . . )

My parents left this morning for the long drive back home. It was nice having them here for a visit, and I know they enjoyed having "fun" this time instead of doing projects which is what usually fills their stay here. Hopefully, the next trip I'll be able to spend more time with them.

Right after they left, I put L in the co-sleeper for a moment and when I came back she had pulled herself to standing! She has been sitting for longer periods of time, and now she's pulling up! I started to walk at 9 months; C at 10; I wonder when she'll start? (N didn't bother to walk until 13 months.) I get flak for carrying her "so much," but she's perfectly fine developmentally.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh my gosh! You look beautiful! And your kids are so cutttteeee! I love the red hair on the one.
    40? Naw...

  2. You DON'T look 40, no way, nada, NOT!

    If I saw you in the street and someone asked me your age I would suggest that you look about 8 years younger than your actual age.

    And I'm not saying that to flatter your ego :-)

  3. You 2 are too sweet :) thanks :)


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