Friday, November 02, 2007

To-Do Lists

I have a to-do list a mile long today, but it's still in my head. I really need to write it out and prioritize, as I know there is no chance I'll get to everything.

My parents are on their way for a visit, and should be arriving sometime tomorrow. It's an absolute luxury that they were able to purchase the house next to mine -- but I still have to clean my house. They're bringing a friend with them this trip, too, which should be interesting. She's a very dear friend of my mom's and a nice woman, but it'll still be interesting.

L is lying on the floor at my feet, playing with her toes and babbling. The boys are in the backyard, making the most of their morning recess. As soon as I hit "publish", I'll:

throw in another load of laundry
sweep the kitchen floor
plan out next week's meals
write the grocery list

Hopefully those are the biggest priorities for the day!

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