Friday, December 19, 2008


I am so glad this week is over for me, and I can breathe a bit!
  • I had a number of regular writing deadlines this week, as well as a deadline for the first part of a new project that I didn't want to lose. I met all my deadlines, with just a few hours to spare.
  • I taught a new class on Wednesday (which went really well, thank you!). There were 19 students and they kept me hopping ALL day. For some settings, 19 may not seem like a lot, but when you're teaching a Level 2 Excel class, there is quite a bit of one-on-one help that is necessary.
  • DH was gone Saturday, Sunday & Monday doing a side job out of town, so I didn't have any help with child care and L has become a climbing monkey so I have to *see* her at all times or she gets into trouble.
  • So, there have been many late nights as I try to get things done and write coherently after the kids are in bed. (and, yes, I do believe I can write coherently. This post, however, is just a stream of consciousness and therefore may not be coherent.)
  • L got horribly sick around 3AM Thursday morning, so my plans to get up early and write disappeared. I also spent a good portion of the day holding the poor, sick babe. It seems like it was just a 24 hour bug, though, as she was pretty chipper this evening.
  • I don't have any more deadlines until Monday, so I am about to fall into bed.
  • Tomorrow (well, today actually, since it's after 1AM) is cleaning and baking and maybe some wrapping. Saturday we'll decorate our tree (that I put up last weekend.) Oh, and DH & I are going out again! To a wedding reception this time.
  • Sunday DH leaves again for 2 days, so actually, I better do some work on Saturday so I don't fall behind before next week even begins.
I still haven't found the right balance, but I keep trying. I'm hoping to spend the next few days getting caught up around the house, and working on yet another schedule to keep things going smoothly and allowing me to sleep 8 hours a night. The 4 or 5 I've been getting lately just isn't cutting it for me.

I know I can make it work. I just haven't quite found the optimum plan to make it all work smoothly. Everything is getting done, except for enough sleep and some household chores. With a bit more tweaking, I am confident that it'll happen.

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