Friday, December 12, 2008

Review: Ultimate Party Meatballs

B & I usually throw a party at our home in January. We hold it around Epiphany, and it works out great because it's after the rush of holiday parties and more people can usually attend. This year, we've having the party in mid-January, because we're celebrating 10 years in Arizona! We arrived on January 15, 1999 and it's hard to believe that we've had snow-free winters for a decade.

We try to serve food that can be prepared ahead of time, and served easily. When Mom Central asked if I was interested in trying the Ultimate Party Meatball, I jumped at the chance. Heinz and Ocean Spray are working together to share this new recipe, and I had to try it out to see if we wanted to serve it in January.

In the past, I've made meatballs in the slow cooker with chili sauce and grape jelly, so I was intrigued with this recipe that called for Heinz chili sauce and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. I thought I really liked the party meatballs I used to make, but I have a new recipe now! These are still sweet, but not as sweet as the grape jelly meatballs, which makes them better in my cookbook.

I don't think they could be any easier! You can make them on the stove, but I like making them in the slow cooker so I don't have to fuss with them, or find a serving bowl. Just throw in a bag of frozen meatballs, a jar of Heinz chili sauce and a can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Mix together and heat on low for 4 hours. DELICIOUS served by themselves, or on a roll as a meatball sandwich.

Oh, and want to throw the ultimate party? The Ultimate Party Meatball website is having a sweepstakes for $3000.00 in gift cards! Go put in your entry & invite me over if you win!

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