Monday, December 15, 2008

Love Your Veggies!

My husband doesn't like vegetables. Well, that's not exactly true. He likes corn on the cob (which is actually a grain, and not a vegetable) and french style green beans from a can. He pushes anything else around on his plate and won't eat it.

Maybe if his mom let him dip his vegetables in ranch dressing when he was a kid, he might eat more of them today. Hidden Valley was inspired by a study that found kids ate 23% more vegetables when they were served with ranch dressing. They created an entire campaign to help parents and kids eat more vegetables, and enjoy eating them.

Please check out the site as it is full of great information, activities for kids, kid-friendly recipes, and an exciting contest!

They are holding a contest right now looking for Veggie Champions! Ten moms will win the chance to visit Chicago for a 2 days retreat where they will learn about planting, harvesting, and cooking vegetables. In addition, they will be given $5000 in order to start or maintain a community garden back in their hometown.

The entry will take some effort and thought, because they want to know about you, a garden that inspires you, what you would do with the five thousand dollars, and more. All the details can be found here.

C attended a preschool that had a wonderful garden in the back where the kids were able to help plant and harvest different crops. It was a great experience for him, and I wonder how that little garden could grow with a grant like this.

If you enter, let me know! If you win, have a great time in Chicago and tell me about your plans!

Thanks to Mom Central and Hidden Valley for letting me know about this contest so I could share it with my readers!

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