Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saving at the Pump!

My wallet is happy that gas prices are lower ($1.61 last time I filled up the van!) but I'm still looking for ways to cut my budget. I am fortunate that I live close to a few different grocery stores, including Safeway.

Safeway has great produce, offers sales on products I buy, and also has a reward program for their gas stations. They are currently doubling the reward when you buy $100 worth of gift cards in their stores! You can buy gift cards for over 300 merchants at Safeway -- which is so handy when you need a few different gift cards, but don't have to travel to find them.

Gift cards are great to give as gifts, but I also like to use them myself. They help me budget things like dining out, Starbucks, and even entertainment! Since I receive a bonus at the gas pump for buying them, it's an even better deal.

Visit the Safeway site to find exact locations and details for your area. In my area, I can earn up to .40 off each gallon depending on how much I spent for groceries, gift cards and prescriptions in the current quarter!

The gift card rewards program expires on December 24, 2008 -- so buy your cards soon!

Mom Central and Safeway asked me to blog and let my readers know about this great program.

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