Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sense of humor

My father suffered a heart attack 2 days ago. This is his 2nd heart attack in the last 6 weeks. He recognized the symptoms, took 3 nitro tablets, and called my mother at work (35 miles away.) My mom called my brother, (who was closer), who went over to my parents' home and drove my dad to the hospital. Thankfully, he is doing okay (after having 2 more stents put in) and is home already today.

When I finally was able to talk to him today (he'd been doped up / drugged the last couple days when I called), I immediately asked why he hadn't called 911!?

His response? "Me? I never call those 900 numbers. They're expensive!"

I'm glad that his sense of humor is intact, but I hope that (if there is a next time) he doesn't hesitate to call 911. My mom has decided that if he calls her again, she will call 911 and meet them at the hospital.

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  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I'm so sorry your father has been ill, but his sense of humor may serve the be the best medicine he could take. Sounds like a funny guy. Good luck!


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