Friday, November 13, 2009

Training Conference

A few weeks ago I wrote about making excuses, and pursuing options. Today was the training conference that I was trying to decide if I should attend, and I'm glad that I realized I was making excuses.

Today, I attended the Phoenix Word Camp where a number of Word Press and blogging gurus were gathered together to share their wisdom with a crowd of people.  The conference was held at a nearby resort -- but under a very large tent rather than inside the resort.  I'm sure this helped keep the cost down, and it actually worked well to fit in the almost 500 attendees.

I met some very nice people (including one of the presenters -- John Hawkins) and listened to interesting presentations.  I found it amusing that some of the presenters completely contradicted the advice given by the others and it made me realize (again) that there is no single way to achieve anything -- including success.

Each of these presenters is very successful in what they do, and I'm sure that some of those that follow their advice closely achieve success as well.  But, there are so many possible ways to achieve the same results.  What I noticed most about all the presenters was their confidence in themselves and what they had to say. 

I picked up some good tips, and got some ideas for future articles, presentations and classes.  It was well worth the attendance fee!  I am grateful for my friend who took my 3 and her 5 kids to the zoo and wore them all out while I was off learning.

You can see my possible future blogger up there sleeping in the shirt I received today.  I don't think he'll be a 16yo protege like another of the speakers (Dave Moyer) but I know he'll rock the world in his own special way.

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