Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving has always been a simple affair in our house since we moved to Arizona.  The first year we lived here, we drove to Rocky Point, Mexico, camped on the beach and ate a wonderful seafood meal at a local restaurant.  It was my absolute favorite Thanksgiving ever.

Yesterday, we enjoyed Thanksgiving at home.  Bo brined, and then grilled a 13 lb turkey for our feast. He also roasted the fresh beets we purchased from Whole Foods last week.  While the texture is definitely different than canned beets, I have to say that the flavor is the same.  We won't be having them again, but I will say that the red beet definitely has a stronger flavor than the yellow beet.  It's a flavor that nobody in the house appreciates.

I made mashed potatoes following Bethany's recipe.  They were very rich, and tasted great.  I left the skins on, but will return to peeling the potatoes as most of us didn't like the texture with the peels.

I cooked up the Whole Foods organic cranberry stuffing and those who like stuffing enjoyed it and said the flavor was good.  It was a little wet for their taste, so in the future, I would cut the water a little bit.  It was ridiculously easy to make -- bring water & butter to a boil ( I used about 1/2 the butter suggested), add stuffing mix, remove from heat, stir and let sit for 5 minutes.

I made gravy from the drippings -- that nobody ate but me. 

I baked fresh rolls, which were soft and good -- but I think they would have been softer if I hand-mixed them instead of using the mixer.  I will make them again (for a crowd next time - the recipe I chose made almost 3 dozen) but without the mixer to see if they are softer.   Colin, who usually loves bread, refused to even try them.

I baked a pumpkin pie -- using Whole Foods pumpkin and that was delicious.  I made a crust I found in my Betty Crocker iPhone app that used flour, oil and water and did not require any rolling.  I pressed the dough into the pan before pouring in the filling.  It was an okay crust -- definitely faster than my traditional crust -- and worked with the pumpkin pie filling.  My traditional crust is much flakier, but I was surprised to note that this crust did have some flake.  My kids love pumpkin pie and this pie was inhaled last night.  Good thing I have more pumpkin and evaporated milk in the cupboard!

I made chocolate bourbon pecan pie -- using my traditional shortening, flour & water crust.  (I figured the only way to truly compare was to have both available)  The pie was delicious!

My sister joined us and we had a nice dinner.  Looking back, I realize that mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are the only things that everyone enjoys.  Maybe next year we'll try a totally different kind of meal and make foods that everyone likes?  A meal of Thanksgiving of our favorite foods and dump tradition? I'm liking the idea -- come back next year to see if I follow through!


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Ah beets. I wouldn't touch the canned ones with a 10' pole. We have fresh beets often in the late summer because D. likes them and because they show up in our CSA box. I usually roast them, rubbing them with olive oil and lightly salting them. I still think they are too sweet for a vegetable and that they taste like dirt. My friend Audrey also says they taste like dirt, so there must be something to that. We did use the yellow or orange ones last year in a curry with some other vegetables including tatsoi or spinach and that was good. I never like pumpkin pie much though as an adult I do eat it when it is served. Ever since we had mashed potatoes in restaurants which left the skin on potatoes, I usually don't peel yukon golds or red potatoes with thin skins, though I would always peel a russet. For years, I made carrot cake instead which seems seasonable enough. Last weekend for a different turkey dinner, I made a pecan bourbon tart (no chocolate) with a butter crust that was divine. I absolutely say jettison tradition and have lasagne or ribs or take the whole family to Rocky Point once Lydia is old enough. What matters is the time you spend together, not sticking to some predetermined menu. Cheers to you and your entire family.

  2. Stopping by and saying Hi (and following you) from a fellow Mama Bzz'er!


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