Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eldest Son!

Like every other parent, at numerous milestones, I find myself incredulous that my son turned 9 today.  WHERE did the time go? Didn't I just see him on an ultrasound?  Wasn't he just nestled in my arms while I fought the nurses to sleep with him in my hospital bed (instead of the bassinet?) Wasn't he just taking his first steps in our brand new home?

Well, if 9 years ago could be "just" then I guess it was just a moment ago.  Last weekend, we threw him a big party at BounceU, where he had a blast with his friends.   They loaded him up with Legos and other fun things, which he was very grateful for.  For his birthday from us, he asked for books and that's what he received today.  The long awaited latest Secrets Of Droon book.  The first book in another series by Erin Hunter.  Return to the Hundred Acre Wood (yes, my sweet, darling boy still loves Winnie the Pooh and has been eagerly waiting for the chance to read this one since he heard it was being published.) His aunt gave him a book that looks like fun - The Candy Shop War - and the Snuggie he's been wishing for.  And his uncle sent him more books as well as an audio book and a DS game!

We usually give gifts first thing in the morning, but I had the opportunity to teach today so gifts had to wait. After class, we all met up at the Desert Botanical Garden for the Chiles & Chocolate Festival and then we had a late lunch / early dinner at Pei Wei's.  Home for gifts (finally!) and cake.

My son is growing into a wonderful young man. He is kind, considerate, intelligent and loving.  He takes his role as a big brother very seriously and watches out for his younger siblings at all times.   He loves to read and learn new things.  His interests lately are Legos, dinosaurs (again), dragons and drawing.

I'm thrilled to be his momma, and can't wait to watch him continue to grow into an even more amazing person.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    That is awesome! Happy belated birthday to Colin. But yes, wasn't it just yesterday-ish when we were 19 and Matt and Jane were 6 and 7?


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