Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Colin is horrified that I have to work on my birthday today, but was appeased a bit when I told him it was only a half-day class.  At this time of year, I'm happy to have all the classes possible and I don't mind working on my birthday.

I've never been one to bemoan my birthdays, or be overly emotional or giddy about them either. Of course, I'm happy to be here to celebrate another birthday, but it's just another day. Some years I use my birthday as the time of year to set new goals, but not this year.  It's a day to celebrate the blessing that is my life, and I'm not going to press for more than that.

I'll celebrate tonight with my sweet family, and then continue on with a busy week.  My sweet boy's birthday is Saturday, and I'm looking forward to making his day extra-special.

I'd love if you left a comment today for my birthday, though!  I know I have plenty of lurkers out there who never comment, so come out of lurkdom today and wish me a Happy Birthday!

And then click over to the right there for my Progresso Soup giveaway and leave a comment there, too!  You know you need some new soup mugs!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Happy Birthday to you! Snail mail card may be a bit late. I think I mailed it Saturday. Funny how important birthdays seem when one is 9 years old.


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