Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Do Lists

Do you make to-do lists?  I know I accomplish more when I write to-do lists, but sometimes the thought of writing down everything I need (or want) to accomplish is so overwhelming that I skip the list and blunder on through.

I am on a list-making kick at the moment, though, and have broken my list out into different categories in the hope I wouldn't feel as overwhelmed. There are those things that have to happen no matter what in our home -- like laundry, and grocery shopping.  Then there are those things that have to happen for work -- like preparing for a new class, or reviewing the books for upcoming classes.  

That list with the things I should do, or want to do is the list I really need to pay attention to the most.  I will make sure I go to the grocery store and prepare for new classes, but I tend to let the "finish media kit", or "write query for that great article idea" linger too long on the list -- and sometimes they never get done.  I realize that ignoring those types of items won't help me move forward at all, and I have mentioned many times how I'm not content with staying still.

Writing this post has let me procrastinate on my current list . . . which I really need to get back to working on!

1 comment:

  1. Yup, I hear ya! I'm a "To Do" list girl. And I often recognize I'm spending my time organizing my lists as opposed to just DOING what is on the lists!


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