Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Ultimate Cloth

On Monday, I talked about our efforts to decrease the amount of paper towels we use.  A couple weeks ago, I received an Ultimate Cloth to try out and review from Ultimate Cloth America.

This cloth is great!  It is sturdy and thick, and cleans up messes like a dream! I simply wet it, wring it out tightly, then use it to wipe down my stainless steel (no streaks!), the mirrors (no streaks!) and big messes on the counter top!  I was amazed at how sturdy it was, and how well it cleaned.

A week ago, Bo thought Lydia was with me, and I thought she was with him. I heard Bo yell out, and went into my bedroom to find her perched on our bathroom sink COVERED in toothpaste.  Not only was she covered in toothpaste, but she had liberally painted the sink, counter top and mirror with toothpaste.  Bo whisked her into the tub to clean her up, and I started scrubbing at the toothpaste.  I was constantly washing out the rag, and scrubbing hard to get the toothpaste up when I remembered the Ultimate Cloth.

I wet the cloth, rang it out, then started to scrub.  The toothpaste came up with one swipe! I did rinse it out once or twice, but it quickly cleaned the mess -- including the mirror -- with nothing more than water.  My mirror was not streaked at all!

When I first tried it on my stainless steel refrigerator, it left streaks.  I read a tip on the website that the cloth has to be well-wrung before use, and when I made sure to squeeze out the extra water I stopped having the streaking problem.

The Ultimate Cloth is the first cloth to receive a patent in over 25 years!  It helps clean without harsh chemicals and without the waste of paper towels. 

The cloths are only $6 each, but would you like a free ultimate cloth of your own?  If you follow them on Twitter or Facebook, you'll have the opportunity to get one of your very own!  They'll release the details through those two sites. I think you'll be as pleased as I am.

Disclosure: I received a free cloth in exchange for my honest review.  This tour was arranged for Ultimate Cloth America by MamaBuzz

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