Monday, November 16, 2009

Money Saving Monday #33 - Reducing Paper

How expensive are paper towels in your area?  A lower-cost paper towel roll in my area costs around $1.50 a roll.  And, if I buy the lower-cost rolls, they fall apart and I have to use twice as many to complete the job, so they aren't really cheaper to use.

A couple months ago I decided to stop buying paper towels.  At Target, I saw a pack of washclothes that were $3.50 for eight. I bought two packs and put them in the kitchen drawer with my kitchen towels.  Then, I spent $1 and bought a small bucket to keep in the cupboard behind the trash can.

Instead of reaching for a paper towel, I reach for a cloth rag. When the rag is dirty, I throw it in the bucket, and then throw the bucket of rags in the washing machine every few days with another load.

I wish I could say that I completely stopped using paper towels, but we still do use them for things like bacon grease.  I have, however, significantly reduced the amount of paper towels we use!  Instead of going through 2 - 4 / month, we now go through 1 every couple months.

The next step for us is getting rid of paper napkins.  I have cloth napkins -- we just have to get in the habit of using them!

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  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    We still keep paper towels around for bacon and there is no substitute for a paper towel when cleaning fresh mushrooms either. Takes for ever to go through a roll of paper towels.
    Cloth napkins too. I've never done the math, so thanks for that. I'm not as fancy as you are with the bucket. I just throw the dishrags on top of the washer until they dry out and then I put them in the hamper with everything else that needs to be washed.


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