Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Zenni Optical, Part 2

A few months ago I discussed my purchase of glasses for my 7yo son through Zenni Optical. We were happy with the service, quality -- and most of all the price!

As kids are wont to do, C broke the arm of the glasses from there. After a little research on their site, I saw that I could order replacement frames for 1/2 the cost of frames + lenses. A little over 2 weeks ago I ordered a pair of replacement frames, another pair of glasses for him (just in case we couldn't get the lenses successfully into the new frames) and a pair of prescription sunglasses for me. My total order was under $55.00.

The replacement frames arrived along with a small, 2 headed screwdriver. My DH was able to easily pop out the lenses from the broken frames and install them in the new frames. C was thrilled, because even though he initially didn't like those frames, they grew on him and he ended up liking them. The 2nd pair I ordered for him he also liked, and since his sister had broken the pair of clip-on sunshades from our original order, I ordered sunshades for this pair.

My pair of prescription sunglasses look pretty cute, and have a nice, dark tint (I chose 80% tint.) They work very well in the bright Arizona sunshine.

All 3 pairs arrived in hard plastic cases with a cleaning cloth. The cases aren't fancy, but definitely functional and I like the fact that they are hard plastic. It will keep my sunglasses much safer in my purse!

Once again, a great experience! I will definitely continue ordering from this company in the future.

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