Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fall Ball

We started our 4th year of Fall Ball this morning! The boys are both playing coach pitch this year, which means I will have to stay at the fields 1.5 hours instead of 3! Yea!! (Last year, they were in 2 different leagues, so we were there for 3 hours.)

It was HOT!!!! at 10AM out on the field, but I remembered sunscreen and plenty of drinks so all was fine. I wish L would wear a hat, but she won't no matter how many times I put it back on her head.

The coach for a local high school brought a bunch of his players out to help with today's clinic. I was so very proud of N. He really paid attention to direction, did his best to follow the advice he was given, and he absolutely tried his hardest. I hope he gets a good coach this year, because I can see his skills really developing with good guidance.

C, on the other hand, didn't have the best attitude. He tends to be a know-it-all type of kid and he was quick to argue when offered advice, and I don't think he followed any of the advice given. He was snotty to his brother (which is completely UNACCEPTABLE!) and I left the field wishing I hadn't signed him up. He had spent a good portion of the summer insisting he didn't want to play. He changed his mind at the last minute (we didn't push it -- I was really okay with him not playing this year) but he has to change his attitude to continue. When his dad gets home later, we'll be having a nice, long conversation with him.

I think L will have fun this season wandering the ball fields. The boys will play Saturday mornings, and Monday and Wednesday evenings. I know she'll love all the people and the boys don't play until 7PM for their evening games so it won't be so very hot.

DH will be able to make the Monday games consistently, and will attend the other games when work permits. My sister usually comes out for a couple games, and this year my parents will be here for a few as well. The season ends in late September, and it usually seems over before it begins!

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