Tuesday, August 05, 2008


L is sleeping through the night (mostly), but I kept finding myself waking up during the night and being distracted by various lights in our bedroom. It's almost silly how many things have lights on them, even when they are turned off!

DH laughed hysterically a few nights ago when he came to bed. He found one of his socks draped over the cd player (covering up the clock that is bright), another sock draped over the light on the answering machine, and a receiving blanket draped over the cable box and dvd player. I couldn't figure out an easy way to block the light at the bottom of the TV and decided I really shouldn't cover up the alarm clock.

While it might have been funny to DH, it was peaceful for me! I definitely have slept better the last few nights without all these extra lights brightening our room. I do have a Mobi TykeLight that is useful if I need to see something in the middle of the night. I like that if the light is on the stand, it is dark -- but as soon as it is lifted off the stand it gives off a glow.

I love the idea of removing all electronics from the bedroom, but DH wouldn't like that. It's one of those compromise things that are important in a marriage!

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  1. At our house, its just the opposite - I like little lights, and dh sleeps better without any lights. That Mobi light sounds really neat and might be a nice compromise for us. :o)


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