Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amazon Prime

Last month, I blogged about how I save money shopping at Amazon, including using their Prime shipping membership. Right now, they're offering a FREE one-month trial of Amazon Prime.

The benefits of Amazon Prime are:

1. Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of Items
2. Overnight Shipping upgrades for only $3.99 per item
3. Shopping with no minimum order size
4. Ability to share benefits with up to 4 household members
and right now . . .
5. 1 Month Free Trial

After the free trial period, you'll pay around $80/year. The free trial gives you a chance to see how it would work in your family, and if your purchases make it worthwhile. I easily save that amount in shipping gifts throughout the year, since our family is all over the place.

I also love the fact that there is no minimum order - so I can order that amazing toy that is on clearance for $3 and really only pay $3! I save plenty in gas since I don't have to run around town trying to find gifts and even necessities (like diapers!)

Give the free trial a try-out!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I TOTALLY agree! We've done amazon prime for a couple of years now and I definitely, definitely get my money's worth!!! LOVE IT!!!



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