Saturday, August 16, 2008

shaved ice!

When I was pregnant with C, I craved crushed/shaved ice. There was a roach coach (truck that drove around and sold meals and drinks) that came every morning near where I worked. I would have them fill their largest cup with the most perfect (to me!) tiny crushed ice. I remember it cost me a quarter, and some days I would order 2 cups and put one in the freezer for later. (yes, I probably was anemic . . . I craved ice during my pregnancies with both boys.)

It was never enough, though! I remember stopping at Target one night on my way home and buying an electric ice shaver. I enjoyed shaved ice all the time, and my DH was sweet enough to make it for me whenever I asked.

C will be 8 in November, and that ice shaver still gets quite a bit of use in our kitchen! It may be one of the most used gadgets I own, in fact. When we got home from coach pitch this morning, I pulled it out and made a big heaping bowl of crushed ice and drizzled Gatorade over it for us all to share. It was the perfect treat after a blistering hot morning at the ball field.

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  1. Mmmmm.....I love tiny crushed/shaved ice too!!! One of the perks of where I work - they have an ice machine that makes these perfect tiny balls of ice... LOL!



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