Friday, August 22, 2008

Review: Green Works Dishwashing Soap

There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not washing dishes by hand. While I've been trying to teach the boys to handle this chore, it still falls to me most days.

When Mom Central asked if I'd be willing to try out Clorox's new Green Works Dish Washing Soap, I jumped at the chance. A few months ago I reviewed some of their other cleaning products and was happy with the results. We still use them regularly because I like the fact that they are all-natural and non-toxic.

The dish washing soap is similar to the other products, in that it is all-natural and non-toxic. I like the fact that all these cleaners are made using plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, as well as essential oils. In addition, all of the products are made from biodegradable ingredients, are packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not tested on animals.

The soap worked just fine! It suds up nicely, but the bubbles don't seem to last as long as other dish soaps. It cut through the grease when we had spaghetti and meatballs the other night, and left my dishes clean and sparkly.

The sample bottle I received was the original scent, which is relatively neutral. There are other scents available: Water Lily, Tangerine, Free & Clear and Simply Lemon. I'd like to try some of the other scents because I like fruity dish soaps. (I don't know why?! But a nice scent makes washing dishes somehow easier.)

I'll continue to use this soap, and buy more when we run out. I feel much better rinsing natural ingredients down the drain, instead of chemicals!

Thanks to Mom Central and Clorox for letting me try this new dish washing soap!

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