Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I started walking again last week, and am pretty proud of myself that I've stuck with it. Okay, it's only been a week . . . but I've walked every day (but one) and gotten it over with first thing in the morning.

It's hot, but as long as I walk before 9AM, it's not too bad. L is happy to sit in her jogging stroller with a cup of kefir and a cup of cheerios, kicking her legs as we bump along. The boys have ridden their bikes with me most days, and I even got DH to walk with us a couple days.

My hip definitely feels better, but my ankle is aching and swollen. I know that my ankle will get better as I build up more strength and lose weight again. I just have to ice it when I get back home to help the swelling.

This morning, I was ready to go and the boys were still asleep. I woke them both, and they declined to come along so L and I headed out. As I was finishing up my first lap (2 laps around our neighborhood is 1.9 miles) N was on his bike looking for me. He said "I didn't really understand what you said - but I DO want to walk with you." so he came along for my 2nd lap.

I've also been keeping a food diary and let's just say -- I'm going to be proud of the walking and deal with the food in another week or so! LOL! One step at a time . . . .

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  1. How great! I really need to do something like walking, too. I'm inspired - maybe we'll go in the morning (too hot here now).


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