Wednesday, August 13, 2008

social butterflies

It's been a busy few days, but wonderfully so. My cousin and 2 aunts flew in Saturday morning to celebrate my dad's (their uncle/brother's) 60th birthday. It was great fun seeing them, as I haven't seen my cousin in many years, and while I've seen my aunts more recently, it's still been more than a year. We've visited museums, gone out to eat and hung around my pool to the enjoyment of everyone.

My cousin had to leave early Monday morning, one aunt left early this morning, and my other aunt leaves late tonight. It has been wonderful being able to re-connect and spend time with them. It is so hard living far away from family, and weekends like this past one remind me of that. I wish we had more money and the ability to travel freely, as I would love to spend more time with all my family . . . but since we're all far-flung it would mean traveling the country from one side to the other!

Tomorrow, a dear friend and her family are coming to visit. She moved away a couple years ago and we lost touch, but she found me again when she knew she was coming back to town. I also invited another friend and her children over, because we had all met at the same mom's group years ago (N wasn't even a year yet.) While the 2nd friend is local, I haven't seen her for over a year (shame on me!) and haven't even met her new baby (who is probably 6 months now?!) I can't wait!!

And, then on Friday we're planning to get together with another good friend, unless she goes into labor and then we'll see her a few days later and meet her new daughter. She's due any day now, so any plans with her are on a wait and see basis.

After this busy, social week we will hunker down and get started with schooling next week! The boys started their enrichment program today and we actually did some schooling on Monday . . .but we're not officially starting until next week. I also have some freelance work to get finished up with, a few queries to send out, and some office organizing to complete!

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