Tuesday, January 01, 2008


This year I resolve to act with intention! I am afraid that too many days just slipped by as I was doing the bare minimums to get by, and that things were haphazard.

This year I resolve to meet each day with specific intentions, and try to make many of my actions meaningful. This means shopping with a list and not wandering aimlessly around a store trying to decide what we need (and ending up buying too much!) The last few months I've been forced into this as finances have been very tight. While it's still tight, I can see the advantage of continuing this practice when money loosens up a little in a few months. By spending only with specific intention, we can also save with intention -- and be better stewards of what we've been blessed with.

The things in my home must have an intention -- and if it's just clutter, or something never used, it needs to move on somewhere else.

My day must start with intention! I go through years of carefully making lists and following them, and then periods of letting it all go. I definitely accomplish more when I'm making lists, and I need to get back to it.

And my day must be filled with sharing my intentions with the Lord. With his help, and the Blessed Mother's help, we'll get through these difficult days and rejoice together in the better days.

I realize I'm setting myself up for quite a bit right now - so I think I need to figure out smaller chunks to start with. I'm planning to continue with shopping lists in January, and get even better (I still have gone out without a list a few times) and also compiling daily to-do lists again. In February, I'll add another intention, and so on throughout the year!

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