Saturday, January 19, 2008


My phone rang about an hour ago. It was one of the managers from DH's office, wondering if he was home. I said that he wasn't and that I thought he was out on calls. (He's an outside salesperson - which means he meets with prospective clients at their home throughout the state.) The manager told me that he was supposed to be, but the client called and DH hadn't shown up for his appointment. He asked me to have DH call him if I heard from him.

I took a deep breath and called DH's cell phone. It went to voice mail. I then sent him a text message. I checked the information for his calls (they are sent to him each morning) and remembered that he was supposed to go with another salesperson on both calls. I called his manager back and asked if he was still with CD. He told me that they had done an early call together, but had split up around noon (about 2 1/2 hours prior.) He again asked me to have DH call when I heard from him.

I started praying that he was alright.

My husband would NEVER miss a sales call. In the 12+ years I have known him, I know he sometimes runs late -- but he would NEVER miss a sales call. My heart started beating faster and I started running through various scenarios in my mind. Since I knew he safely left the first appointment, I began worrying that he had an accident on the way to his second. And, it must have been a terrible accident because he didn't call me. (DH calls me regularly - we talk on the phone multiple times a day while he is out & about. And, if he had been in an accident, he would have called me right away unless he was unconscious or worse.)

I began looking online to see if there were any serious accidents reported in the last couple hours. I began worrying that I didn't know the license plate number of his car. Thoughts began running through my mind of who to call for support and who to email and ask for prayers. I got back online and made sure our car insurance was paid up and current (it was!) I said another prayer for his safety.

At the 30 minute mark, I began thinking about calling the sheriff's office to check for accidents. I began worrying that his 2nd sales call were really crazy people that killed him and then called in their alibi, trying to say he never showed up. I went outside to see if maybe he drove home and had a heart attack in our driveway. (while that may seem a bit far-fetched, a previous boss of his was driving home from a golf game and suffered a fatal heart attack only a mile from his house, and he wasn't that much older than DH and had no prior heart trouble.) I started praying that I would be able to handle whatever was about to happen.

I began picking up the living room, anticipating the police officers who were bound to show up at my door. I kissed all my babies and prayed that we would all be okay.

About 50 minutes after the initial phone call, my phone rang again. I saw my husband's phone number on the caller id and worried that it was a paramedic using his phone. When I heard my husband's voice, I burst into tears.

He is fine. He WAS at his scheduled call. He met with the tenant; the owner never bothered to go in the house and didn't think he showed up (because they don't drive branded vehicles.) DH had left his phone in the car, and called as soon as he saw that I called.

I am grateful that he is safe. He is annoyed because he didn't make any sales today, and I had to be worried. The most irritating part of it all? He'll get a mark against his numbers this month because that woman called and said he wasn't there (even though he WAS!)

The best (and only important part) is that my husband is just FINE and coming home to his family in an hour or so.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    phew! That type of thing has happened with my husband, it constantly scares the crap out of me. ugh.

    I think the tenant should call your dh's work to let them know he was there. Bah.

  2. Don't you just hate that!!?? It totally goes to show you that we SO know our dhs.

    I'll do the same thing. If my dh doesn't do what he usually does, My mind starts wandering to places I NEVER want to visit! Yikes.

    Thank God all is well!

  3. I would have been panicking too! I'm so glad it turned out everything was fine.


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