Thursday, January 03, 2008

Health Intentions

I received a jogging stroller for Christmas, and have started putting it to use. We take a walk around the neighborhood most evenings, but it's not very fast and it's not steady (we stop often to look at things, play at the tot lot, etc.) Yesterday I met my sister at a park and walked where we could with the stroller. The boys brought their scooters, but unfortunately there was more sandy/rocky paths than smooth ones.

Today, we headed to a different park where I knew they had a walking path that was 1/3 of a mile. I thought I'd shoot for 2/3 of a mile, but DH came along as well and encouraged me to complete one full mile. The path is a little hilly (but not much), and smooth. It's in a pretty park and circles around a small man-made lake. The boys had their scooters again and scooted back and forth -- probably riding a mile and half considering how often they looped back and rode on again.

Encouraged by Carmen, my exercise challenge to myself is to walk 4 or more times a week, working up to 3 miles in 45 minutes. (I'm embarrassed to say it took 40 minutes to walk 1 mile yesterday.) My target date is April 1 to complete this goal, and hopefully shed more weight as well. I lost weight while pregnant, and am down quite a bit from pre-pregnancy days -- but I haven't worked at it since L was born. In addition to exercising, I plan to pay attention to what I'm eating and choose the healthiest options. I'm expecting by summer to be down a few more sizes.

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