Monday, January 28, 2008

clothing storage

During the recent room changes, we got rid of the boys' dressers. DH put shelves into one half of the closet, and I picked up these bins to store the clothes. The top shelf holds sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. The 3 small bins hold shorts, underpants and socks. The next 2 bins hold character/play shirts and plain/nicer shirts. The bottom 2 bins hold pants and pajamas.

The bins have been working out great! The boys' laundry is done on Tuesdays. I wash and dry the clothes, but they are responsible for putting the clothes away. We always had separate drawers, so it wasn't much of a change except for floor space in their rooms, and they can't leave the drawers hanging open!

I can also easily see how many clothes they have, and if anything is needed. They don't need more clothes than can fit into the bins!

I just read a tip on Parent Hacks this morning about storing sets of color-coordinated clothes in separate bins so that children can choose outfits that always match. My boys are pretty good about matching outfits, but this is a great idea for younger kids, and my storage solution could be easily adapted for that idea.


  1. How neat and tidy! Hope all is well with you and yours Melanie.


  2. I love this idea :o) Dh & I have been trying to figure out what to do about the boys' clothes. This looks like just the thing.

  3. Oooh - that looks fantastic! What a great way to store their stuff!


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