Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Personalized Fruit Rollups! and a Giveaway!

With Valentine's Day approaching, I had the opportunity to design and order a box of personalized fruit roll-ups thanks to the fine folks at Mom Central.

The site is easy to navigate, and it takes no time at all to create a fruit roll-up decorated with images and a message that you choose. C & N were excited about the idea, and quickly chose to decorate our fruit roll-ups with an image of a dragon and a t-rex, as well as the simple message of "Happy Valentine's Day!" The graphics on the site are cute, and appealed to the kids.

There were tons of images to choose from, and if you don't want to scroll through them all, it's possible to filter them down to categories - like hobbies or animals. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can put one or two images on each roll-up. You can even choose different colors for the images.

Then, you add your own message! Once again, there are different colors, and also different fonts to choose from. The font and size of letters you choose will determine how many letters your message can be. The site does a nice job of walking you through the steps required to personalize your treats.

You will receive a box of 30 fruit roll-ups about 3 weeks after placing your order. I think this will make a fun valentine for the boys to give out in their enrichment program, and would also make a fun birthday party favor. With so many different choices for personalization, this would make a fun gift for the kids (or even fun-loving adults) in your life!

The full nutritional information can be found on the website, and I was surprised to see that they are made mainly from pear juice concentrate. My sister is allergic to apples and citrus, so it was nice to see that this is an item that the boys can safely share with her.

The price per box of 30 is $29.99 (plus tax, if applicable, and shipping.) Order at before February 2 using the code BEMINE to receive $10 off the regular price -- making it an even better deal!

Even better, win a box for FREE!! I have 3 boxes to give away for your very own personalization fun. Just leave a comment (or drop me an email) telling me about the sweetest Valentine message you ever received. The 3 best entries will each receive one box of personalized fruit roll-ups! To make sure you'll be able to place your order in time for Valentine's Day, the contest will close at midnight on January 28! (Offer valid for U.S. readers only.) Please leave your email address in your comment (if you don't have a blog/profile) so I can contact you.

I'll be sure to post a picture when ours arrive in a few weeks!


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM


    This is a very easy one for me -- and the message was given to me from a stranger. Although I can not recall who said it at the time, the message was simple, "It's a girl!" Although it was almost 4 years ago, it has been my best Valentine's message and the best Valentine's gift my dh has given me.

  2. After a fight with my husband the day before Valentine's Day, he sent flowers to my office saying: I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

  3. Hello, Thanks for sponsoring such a fun contest! My sweetest sentiment in the form of a card came from a boy with epilepsy! In the classroom, I was his aide. You never knew when a seizure was going to hit. It could be a minor or a grand mal one. He would use his illness to try and get out of his studies. I had to be forceful a lot of the time. He was there to learn! On the day of the Valentine's Day party, I thought I wouldn't get a card from him, but I did and I cherish it. He passed away in his late teens from brain surgery. Cindi


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