Friday, January 11, 2008

kid conversations

We're at the library, looking for books. N is looking for the third Hank the Cowdog book.

Me: Hey, look, they have this one on tape!
N: Really?
Me: Yep, do you want to get it? (the boys love to listen to books on tape - they have pretty much memorized the original Pooh, Trumpet of the Swan, and James Herriot's Dog Stories.)
N: Nope. I don't think they could do the voices nearly as good as Dad does them. I like to listen to the voices he makes while reading.

DH does do a great job of doing the voices in this series . . . which is good, because I don't care for the books at all! LOL!

A few nights ago, we're eating dinner.

C: So, of the three E.B. White books, which is your favorite, Mom?
Me: Hmmm, I think I'd choose Trumpet of the Swan.
C: Why is that?
Me: Well, I like Louis' spunk, and I like how he persevered and wouldn't give up.
C: My favorite is Charlotte's Web.
N: That's not MY favorite! I choose Trumpet of the Swan as well. Because there was music and lots of adventures.
Me: C, why do you choose Charlotte's Web?
C: Because it's about friendship.
Me: N, why didn't you choose Charlotte's Web?
N: Because Charlotte dies. And I don't like books where the characters I like have to die.

I find it interesting that none of us liked Stuart Little very much. It was such a bizarre book, but I know that it is considered a classic. I don't know why that book has received so many more accolades than Trumpet of the Swan?

Tonight, N is dawdling about getting ready for bed.

Me: N! You go and get your pajamas on and I'll try to guess which ones you're going to put on!
N: Okay! You guess! If you're right, I'll give you a kiss. If you're wrong, I'll give you a hug!
Me: Okay! Good deal!

(I guessed wrong, so I got a hug. LOL!)

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