Monday, December 31, 2007


We had a lovely holiday. We enjoyed lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner (well, everybody except C. We made him some instant mac & cheese instead.) and then spent some time trying to get a family photo in front of our tree. Thankfully my sister was around to help take pictures.

We celebrated midnight mass at our parish. N fell asleep about 10 minutes in, but C & L stayed awake throughout. The boys were eager to climb into bed when we got home, and even more eager to wake in the morning!

We had our usual, relaxed Christmas morning opening gifts and taking our time. I made cinnamon rolls the night before, and baked them in the morning. After opening most of our gifts, I laid down with L and we napped a good 3 hours of the afternoon away. When we woke, my sister was here and everyone was playing Wii (the big, extravagant gift this year!)

DH made the entire dinner (I am such a lucky woman!) and it was yummy as usual. I was going to make fresh bread, but my nap put the end to that.

The next day, the kids & I started coming down with a head cold, which gradually got worse - and then better (as colds tend to do) over the next few days. I think yesterday was the worst day, but I feel a ton better today. L's nose is finally stopping the constant running, for which I'm thankful.

I still have to address and send our holiday cards (whoops!) and get our thank you notes written and mailed. DH is painting the kitchen today. We don't have any plans for New Year's Eve - other than spending it quietly in our home.

I'm thinking about resolutions for 2008 and planning a post about them tomorrow. L is stirring on my lap, so it's time to change diapers and figure out a dinner for tonight!

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