Friday, January 11, 2008

C well child visit

Since this has been such a good saving place for milestone information, I'm posting about C's well child visit today.

It's a couple months late (he turned 7 mid-November), but there have been doctor changes, and maternity leaves, and illness in our own house that kept us from earlier appointments.

He is 47 lbs, and 48" tall. That puts him in the 25% for weight, and 50% for height. He has charted like that since birth, although his weight sometimes creeps closer to 50%.

His asthma is well controlled and we made only minor adjustments to his medication schedule.

His hearing is perfect. The enrichment program he attends is part of the public school system, and they recently sent home a letter that he needed further testing for his hearing. I'm guessing they caught him on an off-day, because there was no issue at all with his hearing today.

His eyesight is terrible. They actually did the test 4 different times, because they couldn't believe the results. I felt like a bad mom -- but I have KNOWN that we needed to get his eyes checked, but finances and his lack of complaining allowed me to put it off. I need to call around for the best deal and get it taken care of this week. My eyes have changed since L's birth, but I guess I'll squint for a few more months yet!

While there, I also put L on the scale. She weighed 15 lbs, 15 oz fully dressed - so she's at least over 15 lbs undressed these days!

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