Sunday, January 13, 2008


The boys have shared a room for the last 4.5 years. We have been struggling with bedtime for too long, and last week we decided it was time to split them up. We actually put a mat down on the floor in the playroom and moved N into that room last week.

After church yesterday, we stopped at Home Depot and picked up some blue "oops" paint (returned paint that they sell for $5/gallon!) Once home, we emptied the playroom into the garage and cleaned the floor and DH painted it. Today, we moved his bed into his new room and began moving a few toys into the room.

We decided to get rid of both dressers. DH made the dressers (along with the boys' cribs) when they were born and I'm a little sad about getting rid of them. We decided to put shelves in the closets, and bins on the shelves for their clothes. This will help everything fit better - and the dressers are beat up a bit - so I know it's the right thing to do.

We're splitting up the shelves and bins that were all in the playroom into both rooms. I am going to SLOWLY move the toys back into the bedrooms, and hope to cull a good number of them in the process.

N is very excited about having his own room, and I hope this will address some behavior issues and other things we've been dealing with.

Unfortunately, I don't know where L will go yet. I had been thinking that the boys would continue sharing a room, we'd move the toys into their shared bedroom, and we'd move L into what had been the playroom. We have 3 computers in the office, and I don't know where we could put them. I don't like the idea of having a computer in our bedroom, but it feels like we'll have to do that. There is no room in the living room -- and we don't have a dining room.

DH has talked of closing in our back patio to make an office. The patio is off the kitchen, and leads into our backyard. This would be much less expensive than the addition we would like to complete some day; so it is more likely a possibility.

I have more I want to write about this -- but L is fussy and I've been trying to post this for 2 days now. I'll try to get back to it soon.

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  1. I'd love to see some pictures of his newly painte room! Esp. the dressers your dh is making!


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