Friday, October 01, 2010

Review: Hex Bugs

We had a few friends over recently to try out Nano Hex Bugs and a bunch of their accessories.   These toys were a hit with ALL the kids -- from ages 2 to 9.  In fact, I think the 3yo's had the most fun chasing the little bugs around!

Nano Hex Bugs look like tiny, brightly-colored caterpillars and they skitter and buzz around on the floor.  The movement isn't unlike real bugs, and the kids thought they were wonderful!  A few did end up underneath furniture, but the kids were able to scoop them out pretty easily.

The accessories include round battle areas, and straight-aways for the bugs to travel on.  These items kept the bugs in an enclosed area, which meant they didn't end up under any furniture! 

The Nano Hex Bugs retail for between $7 - 8, while the sets vary between $9 and $50.  I think these would make great stocking stuffers in a few months!  They were definitely a hit at our house.

This last video is a short one of the 3yo's playing with the tiny bugs.

*Disclosure: We received a wonderful package full of Hex Bugs, habitats, play areas and fun ideas to host a Hex Bugs party from the wonderful folks at Mom Select and the Innovation First Labs.  No further compensation was provided.  All videos, opinions and written words are my own.  Permission was given by the mothers of the children shown in the videos.*

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