Monday, October 25, 2010

I Need a Drink! (Review: Alizé Premium Vodka)

For a change of pace, Bo is traveling this week for work.  While we miss the extra adult, we're actually just fine, but the title of this post made me giggle a bit.  I will enjoy a drink tonight after we're done with music lessons and spelling practice and the munchkins are settled into bed!

About a month ago, I received samples of Alizé Gold Passion and Alizé Red Passion. I never knew France distilled vodka, but I am glad that I know it now! These vodkas have a very smooth and lightly fruity taste.  One of my easy, favorite ways to enjoy it is to pour a shot into diet Sierra Mist Cranberry soda. 

We were hoping to throw an adult Halloween party this year (anybody reading remember our first Halloween party together? Bo dressed up as a prince -- tights and all!! gosh, I wish I could find those pictures.) but the stars didn't align for us with major job changes, travel and more.  We're already planning for next year, and I think it will be fun to have these drinks for our guests.

Alize shared some fun Halloween cocktail recipes with me, so if you are throwing your own Halloween party this year, I would definitely pick up a bottle or two of Alizé Gold or Red Passion premium vodka!  They have 2 other flavors you might want to try as well -- Bleu and Rosé.

Devil’s Punch

2 ounces Alizé Gold Passion
2 ounces Bacardi Limon
Splash of Canton Ginger Liqueur
Splash of Cranberry juice
Splash of Lime juice
Splash of Ginger ale

Passion & ‘Pagne

3 ounces Alizé Red Passion
3 ounces Taittinger Champagne
Serve chilled in a champagne glass.

Mad Scientist Sangria

1 ounce Alizé Red Passion
1 ounce red wine
Chill Alizé Red Passion and red wine. Just before serving add 1 ounce ginger ale. Serve in a wine glass and garnish with a slice of apple or orange.

Vampire Kiss Martini

1 ½ ounce Alizé Red Passion
1 ounce Alizé Gold Passion
1 ounce premium vodka
Top with lemonade and serve in a martini glass.

*Disclosure: I received samples of Alizé Gold Passion and Alizé Red Passion.  The recipes and images were provided by Alizé.  All other commentary is my own.  No additional compensation was provided.*

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