Saturday, October 09, 2010

Busy Saturday

Last night, I said that we'd have a laid-back Saturday without any expectations, since the boys' cartooning class canceled.  While my intention was to spend the day at home, that's not quite what happened.

My beloved iPhone was having difficulty charging, and I was afraid that I would have to purchase a new phone.  Bo encouraged me to make an appointment at the Apple store to find out if they could help me.  I made an appointment for mid-morning and we all headed out.  I was very pleasantly surprised that after the problem could not be replicated they offered to exchange my phone.  I walked out with a new (refurbished, I'm sure since I have an older iPhone, but this one will charge!) phone and it didn't cost me a thing!

I received an email earlier in the week that the Hallmark Christmas ornaments were coming out this weekend.  I saw a Hallmark store and stopped in -- just to look.  A half hour later I walked out with a tub of Halloween Silly Bandz to give out on Halloween, 3 packs of Silly Bandz for the kids, 2 photo ornaments and 2 keepsake ornaments for the boys.  We purchase a special ornament each year for the kids, and the ones we found for Colin & Nate this year are perfect.

Next, we stopped in Lane Bryant where I picked up a couple shirts that were on clearance.  I probably would have picked up more but the boys were very antsy by this time and not interested in shopping anymore.

Obviously, it was time for lunch, so we enjoyed some New York style pizza at a pizza joint that used wood-burning ovens (Bo's favorite kind of pizza!)  The pizza was okay -- we probably shouldn't have ordered pepperoni as it was ridiculously greasy.

Finally, we headed home where I began restoring my phone and headed over to the library so the boys could get some new books to read during school break.  Home again, I called my sister and we headed out with Lydia to Cost Plus World Market so she could buy a single bottle of beer to make beer bread (no yeast! yea!) and then we had dinner at a Hawaiin BBQ place.

Finally, we stopped at Fry's Grocery store to do some grocery shopping and home again where I am about to finally watch the final episode of Master Chef.

So much for a quiet Saturday at home lazing around!  I'd say we could do that tomorrow, but we have a symphony concert to attend after Mass!

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