Friday, October 22, 2010

Today! International Stuttering Awareness Day

Nate gave this presentation last spring to friends, family and his enrichment class.  He did a wonderful job, and shares some great information!

Since today is International Stuttering Awareness Day, I thought it was worth re-posting.

Nate wanted to give this presentation to his class in video format. The school blocks YouTube, and I didn't have a PC-friendly copy to share with his teacher so he decided to have me record him again. (After we did this video, I figured out how to make it PC-friendly and was able to send last year's video to his class.) You can see the extreme difference between last May and now. He is embarrassed by this video and has agreed to let me post it only for a brief time. I wanted to post it to show that he HAS regressed and I'm not being unrealistic in my expectations. I also wanted to post it to give hope to others who are struggling with stuttering. We know that he will improve again, and learn the tools to help him kick stuttering.

This version of the presentation breaks my heart. His stuttering is the worst it has ever been and I don't have an explanation why. It may be the stress of outside-schooling, or a developmental stage, or something else.  His speech has gotten progressively worse since the start of the school year.

** Edited **

The 2nd video has been pulled in respect of Nate's wishes. I'm happy to report that his speech has taken a turn again and he is more fluent than he has been the last couple months. We know that it will be an up and down experience, but he will continue to use his tools in an attempt to have more fluent days vs. disfluent ones.

I also want to thank those of you who left extremely kind comments, and sent wonderful emails. They brightened Nate's day, as well as mine and Bo's. Thank you!!


  1. Hi there - I saw this blog link on Joalyce's Facebook account and thought it was amazing. I understand your concern about Nate's regression, but in the video I can tell that he is working hard, and I am confident he will improve. Nate has nothing to be embarrassed about at all. I am very impressed that this young man is willing to step up and raise awareness about stuttering, especially at such a young age. Nate should hold his head high and be very proud of the fact that he is doing his best and is brave enough to step forward and represent those in the stuttering community who may not be strong enough to do it themselves. Good for him! Good luck to Nate and the family - I hope things work out. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Hi there, me again. I just finished sharing this blog with my almost 13 year old son. He had something he wanted to post, so here he is:

    Nate, I think it is very courageous of you to have posted more than one video. Everyone who knows you should be very proud of you, you have done a great job with your presentation. I wish to congratulate you. I learned a lot of things about stuttering that I did not know before. Now that I know how difficult it is, I have a newfound respect for people who stutter. Happy Halloween!

  3. Nate you shouldn't be shouldn't ashamed or embrassed about his stuttering. I have stuttered since I was about 3 years old too, and I have accepted it that I will stutter for the rest of my life. Some things you just can't help. It's not giving in it's surrending to "fluent"speech and being ok with your self. You are very brave if I had a lump on my head I would have just not said anything too especially if I was 8.


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