Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sid The Science Kid New Season

The new season for Sid The Science Kid starts next week.  This is a newer show, so my boys didn't watch it.  Well, they didn't watch it when they were preschoolers!  They watch it now along with their sister and enjoy the science lessons that each show shares.

We recently had the opportunity to invite a few preschoolers over and watch some of the brand-new episodes from the new season.  The kids had fun watching Sid & his friends and especially loved the dance scene in the episode about friction.  They enjoyed copying the kids on the show, and had tons of laughs while doing so.

Lydia received a Sid the Science Kid microphone and has been having a great time asking questions of anyone who comes in the door!  She also received a science kit which her brothers actually enjoyed putting together.

Sid the Science Kid airs at various times on PBS Kids. It is definitely a favorite show of Lydia's, and I've even grown used to the crazy hair colors.  

Here is Lydia's review of the new episodes, during which you can check out the microphone:

*Disclosure: We received a box of Sid the Science Kid goodies, including 3 episodes of the new season.  No further compensation was provided. *

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