Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Disney Live Mickey's Magic Show

We had a magical afternoon, thanks to Feld Entertainment! I was given tickets to attend Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show that is playing this weekend at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ.

It was a fantastic show and I feel so lucky that we were able to attend!  There was a mix of Disney magic and traditional illusions by a couple great magicians.

Lydia was thrilled with watching Mickey, Minnie and a variety of princesses sing, dance and perform magic tricks.  (Like the Fairy Godmother changing Cinderella's clothes into a beautiful ball gown.   Or the magician levitating Jasmine off the stage!)

The boys were impressed by the feats of magic by the 2 magicians -- from escaping a locked box to switching places with Donald Duck in a locked cage.

I am impressed by the level of professionalism and artistry that we always enjoy during these shows.  It truly was a magical experience and one that I highly recommend.

I heard from my giveaway winner, and she and her 3 sons had a great time as well!

My only complaint was the number of camera flashes going off throughout the entire show.  An announcement was made at the beginning asking people not to take flash photography, but there were some times during the show that the entire audience was lit up because of the number of camera flashes.  The theater was nicely darkened for the show, and camera flashes were a definite distraction.  I would fully support ushers asking people to stop taking pictures during the show -- and even taking cameras away until after the show if they wouldn't stop.

We still had a great time, though, and I loved the show.  The kids don't know it yet, but we have a trip to Disney planned before the end of the year.  After watching Lydia's delight with the princesses on stage, I can't wait until she meets some up close!

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