Saturday, October 09, 2010

Comedy Pet Theater

A very sweet friend (Hi, Wendy!!) gave us tickets to enjoy "The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater" last night at the Orpheum in Phoenix.  I admit -- we weren't sure what to expect.  All I knew that it was a pet circus made up of cats and dogs that were rescued from animal shelters around the country.

The show was great.  I haven't heard Colin laugh out loud, with absolute delight, in much too long.  He thoroughly enjoyed the antics of the clowns and the animals on the stage.  We all had fun, but I think Colin laughed the hardest.

The Orpheum is a beautiful theater that was originally built in 1929 and has been lovingly restored.  It was the perfect venue for this vaudevillian show that seemed a throwback to entertainment from many years ago.

The animals were amazingly trained, although they didn't always perform on cue!  It was still delightful, and Gregory Popovich is a top-notch performer as well as an animal trainer.  The supporting cast did a great job as well, and we laughed the evening away!

The show is popular in Las Vegas, and they also travel the world (I can't imagine traveling with all those animals!)  If you have the chance to catch a show, I know you'll be entertained.

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